Oliver Stone and Michel Franco are joining Transilvania IFF.22

Oliver Stone and Michel Franco are joining Transilvania IFF.22

American director, screenwriter and producer Oliver Stone is one of the special guests of the 22nd edition of Transilvania International Film Festival (9 – 18 June)and will be honoured for Lifetime Achievement. Mexican director Michel Franco is alsoexpected at the festival as part of the main jury. The two filmmakers join the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Timothy Spall, who have already announced their presence in Cluj-Napoca.Controversial and polarising, Oliver Stone is one of the most prominent Hollywood figures of
the 1980s and 1990s. He has won three Oscars, two as director for Platoon (1986) and Bornon the Fourth of July (1989), and one for the adapted screenplay of Midnight Express(1979).

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“Oliver Stone has charted American history in a uniquely provocative and entertaining way”(David Parkinson, British Film Institute). Often criticised for his choice of subjects, especiallyafter the 2000s, when he made documentaries about the likes of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávezand JFK, Stone says he does not consider himself a political filmmaker: ” I consider my films first and foremost to be dramas about individuals in personal struggles and I consider myself tobe a dramatist before I am a political filmmaker. I’m interested in alternative points of view. Ithink ultimately the problems of the planet are universal and that nationalism is a verydestructive force. I also like anarchy in films.” His films are known for their powerful, often shocking imagery. Stone has never shied away from asking uncomfortable questions: „My heroes were Luis Buñuel and Jean-Luc Godard. Breathless (1960) was one of the first pictures I really remember being marked by, because of the speed and energy. They say I’m unsubtle. But we need above all, a theatre that wakes us up: nerves and heart.”

Three productions that exemplify the great themes that have marked the filmmaker’s career will
be screened at Transilvania IFF: his most recent documentary, Nuclear Now (2022), “a mustsee” (Variety) that premiered in Venice is an unprecedented investigation into the use of nuclearpower as an alternative to fossil fuels. The screening of the documentary will be followed by adebate about nuclear energy in which Oliver Stone will participate alongside Romanian experts in the field. The program will include screenings of the visceral Natural Born Killers (1994),the story of two media-glorified killers based on a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino, and Born on the Fourth of July (1989), starring Tom Cruise as an American soldier in Vietnam, deeplyscarred by the experience of war.

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