The Interview of the Week by Dr. Kristine Bago Romania Financially Educated – Leadership lessons with the most powerful CEO in Romania

The Interview of the Week by Dr. Kristine Bago

Romania Financially Educated – Leadership lessons with the most powerful CEO in Romania



Dr. Kristine Bago: “Sustainability is generally defined as the process of maintaining changes in a balanced environment, where the resources’consumption, the investment’ direction, the technological development’side and institutional changes are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential of human needs and purposes.

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If we are referring to the business practices, then sustainability represents the ability to produce without consuming the planet’ resources, to make them available for a long period of time.

In Romania, the sustainability concept is still a new one, being an issue regarding the awareness of this necessity at the mindset level, although there are already mandatory non-financial reporting policies (ESG), following the CSRD Directive from EU – which addresses currently to large companies – with over 500 employees, but this fact will become mandatory, from 2026 – for all companies.

What is the current strategy of Kaufland Romania in terms of sustainability, ESG? And if we are referring to wip / future projects?”

Marco Hößl – CEO Kaufland România & Moldova: Our sustainability strategy focuses on reducing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, maintaining high ethical standards in the relationship with our partners, but especially real measures to value our team.

For example, in 2022, the total value of holiday vouchers granted to Kaufland’ employees in Romania was over EUR 1.5 million, to which are added several advantages (benefits in kind, medical/life insurance, gift and premium vouchers, meal tickets) amounting more than EUR 25 million.

We are committed to implement projects that contribute to the achievement of ONU’ Sustainable Development Goals. (Global Compact)

We are talking about activities and projects that address the biggest problems of the planet: from eradicating poverty, creating health and education services, and increase the degree of urban sustainability, to respect the governance’ principles recommended by ONU regarding the human rights, fighting corruption, protecting the environment and performing sustainable practices in the labour field.

We use eco-friendly technologies for any store development and we are offering recycling facilities in all our locations. We strive to combat food waste. 

Last year, we had two grant programs that funded a great number of Non-Governmental Organizations across the country.

These are not just words… We apply them every day.”

 06.11.2023 / Editor, Andreea Dragan


Kristine Bago joined  Nine O’Clock  at the beginning of August 2023 as a Partner Editor.

Kristine Bago is a well-known financial auditor with extensive industry experience  – former Big4 alumna, entrepreneur in the financial services, economic influencer & Romanian TV Show producer.

Kristine Bago possess a wide experience in finance area, both in academic terms – certifications acquired, as well as experience gained in corporate companies, working for a period of 6 years at the major financial consulting companies in the world, as part of the Big4 network: PwC, KPMG and Deloitte Romania.

Kristine Bago holds a Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree from West University of Timisoara, being national & international (ACCA) certified in her profession.(financial audit). As a result-driven professional, she used all her expertise & previous professional involvement and build, in 2020, unique business concept by adding into the Romanian business environment a new service – financial audit advisory, for companies having already an external financial auditor appointed. 17 companies in TOP 20 major companies in Romania become quickly, in the pandemic year, her clients. 1 year later, Kristine Bago establish another milestone – the media coverage. In 2021, she receives the offer to make an Economic Radio Show at GOLD FM and 6 months later, at the beggining of 2022, she was invited to be the permanent guest at an Economic TV Show at Profit News. After another 6 months as a permanent guest, she starts to be the sole producer of the Economic TV Show broadcasted by Profit News.

In 2023 (one year later), she records her own brand and starts her own TV Show, having the most important & representative guests from the financial ecosystem in Romania. During all this time, she used to write professional articles about major financial issues in Romania & worldwide, financial reviews / analysis, contributing in an objective way to the financial education of her audience.

Dr. Kristine Bago

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