Avram Iancu, the first man in the world who wants to swim all the Danube, closer and closer to fulfill his dream


Avram Iancu, the librarian who wants to become the first man in the world who crossed all the Danube by swimming without any special equipment, from the springs to the Black Sea, arrived in Galati on Monday.

The venturesome man from Petrosani had only few steps at that time, to fulfill his dream: one hundred and fifty kilometers to Sulina. Tired but enthusiastic, the 41-year athlete estimates he will finish his route on Thursday or Friday.

In Galati, the swimmer was welcomed with applauses and he gave autographs. Avram Iancu aims to cover all the 2,860 kilometers which Danube has until it flows into the Black Sea, without any neoprene costume. Even if he trained himself a lot, his attempt seems pure madness. He arrived on Monday at the milestone indicating only 151 kilometers to the destination:

Avram Iancu: “I am trying to establish a world premiere, to swim on the river without a protective suite. There have been a lot of dams, namely 65 dams: 50 dams in Germany, 12 in Austria and one in Slovakia, and two dams, the biggest ones, in Romania. I am very, very tired, I am exhausted. As you can see, I have no fat on me, I’ve seriously lost weight.”


The venturesome from Petrosani, nicely welcomed in Romania after the first 2,000 km


No wonder that without a good physical trainer, the man’s body could have fallen until now.

Iuliana Piscoi, physical trainer: “I am in charge with his relaxation, after the end of the program, with various massage methods and ointments, for joints, for muscles, special oils for relaxation. In the morning, every time before he enters into the water, we make the warming up of the body.”

There are fans who accompanied him during the whole adventure started on June 20 in Germany. Some of them were on the shore, others were on the water, in kayaks.

“I don’t know him personally, I met him only now in person, but I am watching him from Reghensburg. I can hardly wait him to reach the finish. He is an example and he’s our pride” says a man.

Vali Rambu, rower: “I accompanied him right from the springs, from Donau Richingen, until up to Cazane, somewhere at the kilometer 980.”

The librarian swims an average of 40 kilometers each day. His route is monitored and he sent posts on his Facebook page from each important point he reached.

Although he hoped that he will be able to cover all the route in two months, namely to finish it on August 20, Avram Iancu realized it’s impossible. The weather was bad and the temperature was lower than he expected since he was in Germany.

Until he reached Romania, Avram Iancu passed through other nine countries and four capital cities, just exactly as the river. In Romania, he stopped in the most important places to rest and eat.

If things will go as he intended, Avram Iancu will reach Sulina on Thursday evening or on Friday. He is also the first Romanian who crossed the English Channel by swimming without a protective suite, last year.

Avram Iancu from Petrosani already has a lot of records. He is the first Romanian who succeeded to cross the English Channel only with his slips and helmet. The performance was achieved on August, 2016, after 18 hours of swimming. One year ago, in June, 2015, Avram Iancu swam in the Danube from Gropeni, Braila County, to Galati. He covered around 42 kilometers in 10 hours.