Cernavoda nuclear plant’s reactor no.1 enters scheduled shutdown

The Nuclearelectrica National Company (SNN) announces that starting on May 6, 11 p.m., reactor no.1 of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant will enter scheduled shutdown.

Cernavoda NPP’s reactors are shut down alternatively, once every two years, in order to undergo corrective and preventive maintenance; mandatory inspections; mandatory tests in line with the requirements of the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities (CNCAN); implementation of project modification to certain systems/equipments/components. These operations can be carried out only while the reactor is shut down.

Scheduled shutdowns are considered company projects and are started approximately 24 months before the planned shutdown date. They entail a project management team, a timetable, appropriate human resources and budget planning.

This year’s shutdown of reactor no.1 will last approximately 50 days, compared to the regular 30-day period for scheduled shutdowns. The extension of the period is required by supplementary maintenance works on the steam generator. This is a standard undertaking, implemented in CANDU 6 nuclear power plants worldwide only once during the reactor’s entire lifetime of 30 years, based on the analysis of technical data.

The analyses revealed economic and technical advantages accrued from the improvement of the efficiency of the thermal cycle, the works resulting in the hiking of production by around 1.5 – 2 percent compared to the estimated level. The same analyses showed that the optimal moment for these works on reactor no.1 would be the scheduled shutdown in 2016.

The works will be carried out in conditions of safety for the nuclear power plant’s employees, for the public and the environment, in line with approved procedures used by the Cernavoda NPP.


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