“Green locomotive” created by Craiova-based engineers

*Reloc-Electroputere VFU Craiova engineers have developed the first locomotive in Romania that runs exclusively on bio-diesel or vegetal oil, with no extra diesel oil being used

A completely environmentally-friendly locomotive engine that runs exclusively on bio-diesel or vegetal oil and that has the same power and performances as that of a regular diesel engine. This is the technical innovation that Reloc-Electroputere VFU Craiova engineers have found for the engine of the Diesel LDE 2,100-HP locomotive, one of the most widespread diesel locomotives in use in Romania, used both for passenger and freight transportation. Over 2,000 such locomotives have been manufactured in Craiova throughout time.
The research project is unique in Romania and allows the diesel engine to run exclusively on bio-diesel (B100) or pure vegetal oil, without other elements added to the mix. Although the locomotive’s engine does not use diesel oil at all, this has not resulted in a drop in performances, allowing the locomotive to operate at the same parameters but with extremely low carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas and sulphur emissions.
The environmentally-friendly engine is the accomplishment of the engineers working within the Reloc-Electroputere VFU Craiova’s Centre of Excellence in Design, Research and Development, engineers that have valuable experience and high qualification. The mission of the specialists working within the centre of excellence is to search for and implement innovative solutions meant to optimize consumption and enhance the rolling stock’s viability and efficiency.
The locomotive has already went through a series of tests, adjustments and trials in order to test the engine and the results registered so far give reasons for hope to Grampet Group. The tests will continue in the following period in order to monitor the engine’s behaviour in difficult weather conditions too. The technical solution will be implemented en masse once all tests and trials are completed.
Reloc-Electroputere VFU Craiova, specialized in the manufacturing, modernization and repair of locomotives, is one of Grampet Group’s most recent acquisitions. In just three years since its acquisition, the company’s number of employees has grown from 30 to approximately 600.

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