PSD’s Dragnea: Wednesday we approve inquiry committee into ANRE


At a plenary session of Parliament on Wednesday, the ruling coalition will ask for the establishment of a committee to inquire into the energy prices of late, national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Tuesday.

“Today we discussed the matter inside the coalition and approved the prime minister’s request and tomorrow [Wednesday] we approve in a plenary session the establishment of an inquiry committee into the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) because it is good for us and the people to know what has happened there and what playing with the energy prices of late was all about,” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace.

Asked to comment on fuel prices at the pump having increased, Dragnea said he no longer trusts the arguments for which fuel prices are shrinking or rising.

“Let us remember that when the Ciolos Government did not accept my request, our request, to prorogate the elimination of the special constructions duty, the excise tax and VAT, as we clearly stated in the electoral campaign that we want to prolong them for another year – which cost us 7 billion – the lying arguments at the time were that they would lower energy prices and, because the special constructions duty and the pump tax are repealed. So there are 7 billion lei that these big companies have not paid anymore, but the Romanians have not felt anything. We have since said that prices will not fall, and we should not forget that, because that’s why I no longer have much confidence in the arguments and the causes or reasons for which fuel prices decrease or increase,” he said.


“ Applied working is needed on changing national security law”


Liviu Dragnea also  said on Tuesday that a working group should be set up to start working appliedly on amendments to the national security law, mentioning that this piece of legislation is very old.

“I say that we should be more determined, because Romania has evolved and I think now is the time,” Dragnea said, responding to whether or not the national security law should be amended.

He added that the chairman of the parliamentary committee on the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) should work on amending the law along with people who are trained in the area. “I am sure that the national security organisations are interested and have proposals, including the president and the members of the CSAT [Supreme Council for National Defence]. It is a very old law that has lagged behind; the world has evolved greatly, systems have evolved greatly and the law will be amended. I do not know if we succeed this session because there are many legislative priorities, but a group should be set up to start working on this law,” Dragnea said at Parliament Palace.


“Pension pillar II: We’ll see if opportune after Pension House, ASF assessment”


Deputies’ Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea on Tuesday said that following the assessment the Pension House and the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) will conduct, it will be decided if the measure for pension pillar II to become optional is opportune.

“I understood the principle, not the details, and namely: if following the assessment we are expecting from the Pension House and maybe from ASF, too, on the development of these institutions over the past 10 years, we find as opportune a legal provision giving the possibility to each Romanian to opt for pillar I or pillar II, it might be a good measure. This doesn’t mean someone will nationalise pension pillar II. Following that assessment we’ll see if this measure becomes opportune,” Dragnea pointed out at Parliament, when asked how the measure for pension pillar II to become optional will be enforced.

He said he was expecting to see the details.

PM Mihai Tudose announced last week that pension pillar II will not be dissolved, but it is possible that it become optional, as Romanians are going to be presented a comparative analysis to make the best decision in respect to their pension.


Claudiu Manda, new chairman of the joint committee for the oversight of SRI activity


Claudiu Manda will become chairman of the Lower House and Senate’s Joint Standing Committee for the oversight of the activity of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). The announcement was made on Tuesday by PSD President Liviu Dragnea after the party’s National Standing Bureau (NSB) meeting.

Asked whether Adrian Tutuianu will remain chairman of the SRI Oversight Committee, PSD President Liviu Dragnea said: “No.”

“Mr Claudiu Manda will be the chairman of this committee. We’ve held several talks in the party. Tomorrow (Wednesday – editor’s note) we have a joint plenum meeting (in which Manda is set to be confirmed – editor’s note),” Dragnea said, being quoted by Agerpres.

After he resigned from the helm of the Defence Ministry, Adrian Tutuianu now also loses the chairmanship of the Lower House and Senate’s Joint Standing Committee for the oversight of SRI’s activity. Tutuianu has been replaced by none other than Claudiu Manda. His name has been rumoured ever since Tutuianu was appointed at the helm of the Defence Ministry.