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June 25, 2022


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Support 30 years of first class journalism in English language in Romania

Nine O’Clock  has been a  pioneer in the landscape of the Romanian media after the Revolution of 1989, as, at its launch on  October 9 1991, it has made history, being the first and only daily newspaper published  ever in English. 30 years on, we are still counting our achievements, notoriety and prestige, and our journalistic adventure goes on, despite very tough times for the print media worldwide. But “quality always sells” and this is our main focus: quality of journalism and reporting we deliver.

We are so proud of our longstanding history and cannot but be so grateful to all our readers and partners: without them, their fidelity, their feedback and support we haven’t succeed ever to impose ourselves and to survive as a reliable source of premium information about out happens in Romania and not only.  We extend our big thanks to all that have supported us along these 30 years of history and we assure them that we’ll never abdicate from the professional principles that have imposed us as trusted source of information in a world overwhelmed by oceans of fake news. We are committed to be very prompt in the future too, and our focus is on keeping up the pace and the high standards of the journalism provided to our readers and subscribers, according to their high expectations. Their interest and fidelity for the Nine O’Clock brand, is our best business card.

We thank for your interest in us and for supporting  30 years of first class independent journalism in Romania through buying subscriptions.