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May 27, 2022

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Kevin Hamilton, Ambassador of Canada to Romania, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Moldova: “Our bilateral relations are clearly moving from strength to strength -the value of partnership, is very well understood and felt here in Romania, and vice versa”

2017 is a special year for Canada as it marks 150 years since a turning point in its history. As any occasion to reflect back...

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Romania and the United Kingdom enjoy 137 years of diplomatic relations and our ties have grown ever stronger over these years

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On the occasion of the Official Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania extends heartfelt congratulations and sincere...

H.E. Mr. Felipe Guillermo Alvarez de Toledo, Ambassador of Argentina to Romania: I am very confident that bilateral relations will continue to grow in the near future

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Although the official relations between Argentina and Romania were raised to the level of an Embassy in 1964, 137 years has passed since the first...

H. E. Marcin Wilczek, Ambassador of Poland to Romania: Polish-Romanian relations have always been friendly and intense. It is hard to imagine better conditions for further developing the bilateral dialogue

Mr. Ambassador Marcin Wilczek, recently you had a meeting with Premier Sorin Grindeanu. What were the conclusions of this meeting from the standpoint of the...