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September 19, 2021

Tag : Romanian-Italian bilateral relations


Italian Ambassador Diego Brasioli at the end of his mandate in Romania: During the four years I have spent in this country, I have seen how the ties between our countries have grown progressively stronger

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Mr. Ambassador, at the end of your mandate in Romania, could you make a review of the four years you spent at the helm of...

Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Romania, Italy: Excellent bilateral relations, based on strong historical links and friendship

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On 2 June we celebrate the National Day of the Italian Republic, a special day for a special partner of Romania. On this anniversary, I...

Diego Brasioli, Ambassador of Italy to Romania: ‘There are no other Countries in the EU enjoying a closer relationship’

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How would you describe the present relations between Italy and Romania?   There are no other Countries in the EU enjoying nowadays a closer relationship...

Iohannis: Accession to Schengen and observance of Romanians’ rights, discussion topics in visit to Italy

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The accession to the Schengen area and the observance of the rights of Romanians living in Italy are topics on the discussion agenda of President...