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June 30, 2022

Tag : Romanian-U.S. Strategic Partnership


Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs: The 4th of July represents a turning point both in American history and worldwide.We are proud to call the U.S.a close friend and ally

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The 4th of July, the Independence Day, represents a turning point both in American history and worldwide, for all who embrace, promote and defend the...

Mark Taplin in Bucharest on future US Ambassador to Romania:“We will not break the pattern in our diplomatic relations to have a career ambassador rather than a political nominee”

In a hall of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, more than half of it full with political science students, Mark Taplin, a self-styled “author, blogger and...

Aurescu on the missile shield in Deveselu: It is a guarantee that Romania will not return to another sphere of influence

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Through the authorized voice of its Minister of Foreign Afairs, Bogdan Aurescu, Romania has tried to scatter again a few days ago, Moscow’s concerns on...